I’m back!

Hi naturalistas!It has been a while and as some of you may know, it has been for a reason. I decided to try something new and started a youtube channel!!!I realize that words and pictures are not always enough, so show you i will. I know there are millions of videos about hair care and … More I’m back!

DIY flaxseed gel

Who would have thought that hair products we  whip up in the kitchen are much better than store bought ones? Not me. I heard about flaxseed gel but didn’t think about making it until my all time favourite youtuber -whitney white (Naptural 85) updated her how to, and i am in love.  What you need … More DIY flaxseed gel

Search for the perfect curl part 2: Hair Porosity

Hair porosity is one of the most important things i have learned about my hair. Hair typing 4a, 3c, 4 c…z are just letters and numbers. They do not help you care for your hair, porosity does. Photo courtesy sheamoisture.com To put simply, hair porosity is the level at which hair accepts and retains moisture.  … More Search for the perfect curl part 2: Hair Porosity

Mini chop four!

People who know me can tell you how i love to experiment with my hair. Cutting this, touching that…. Its a thing! So this was my situation last July when i went to get a deva cut done I liked it for a while but had to “shape it up” again. And by october i … More Mini chop four!