The Harmattan hair regimen

Behold, the holidays are upon us!

The excitment of meeting family, going for parties, ditching our diets and rocking cute hairstyles and outfits can put our hair regimen at the back seat.

However in this dry,cold weather, our hair needs the most attention. Here are some things you can do to protect and moisturise your hair while having fun.

1. Wash/cowash frequently: The dust in the air coupled with our moisturizers and oils can leave our hair and scalps quite dirty and fast. Try to wash or conditioner wash yout hair at least once in 2 weeks. It will keep your scalp nice and clean and the water will thoroughly moisturise your mane. (When washing in a protective syle please ensure your hair is dry before wrapping it up).

2. Protein treatment: It is important to get a protein treatment at the start of the season to strengthen and reinforce the hair strands. You can go the DIY route and use eggs and youghurt in your deep conditioner or you can opt for a prepackaged protein treatment such as the Aphogee two step protein treatment.

2. Deep condition with heat: Try to deep condition your hair every week (i know, it seems a lot). The level of moisture in the air is close to zero therefore you have to put that moisture in manually by applying a rich deep conditoner and heating it up to allow it get deep into the hair shaft to provide flexibility to your hair. Springy, flexible hair doesnt break easily… Worth it, right?

3. Seal the moisture: follow the washing and conditioning with leave in conditioner then a quick scalp massage with your favourite oil. It helps to seal that in with a butter or hair pomade.

4.Protect hair: This is the best time to install a low manipulation or protective style in your hair. The plan is to reduce combing and styling to make sure moisture stays in your hair strands. You can two strand twist of braid your hair with or without extensions, get a sew in or install crotchet braids like i did

5. Spritz hair daily: create your own hair spritz by adding an oil and leave in to some water in a spray bottle and spritz your hair daily.

I use this period to grow out my teeny weeny tapered fro and give it a break coz Lord knows i play with my hair way too much!!!

Let me know how you care for your hair during the dry season.


3 thoughts on “The Harmattan hair regimen

  1. These tips are great! Since this is my first winter embracing my natural hair, I wasn’t sure how to keep it moisturized during this season. I’m going to add these to my regimen! Thanks šŸ™‚

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