Bomb twist out routine!

I have had a love/hate relationship with twist outs, mostly because you can hardly predict how they will come out after all that work. Don’t even get me started on the shrinkage, with my short hair, “ain’t  nobody got time for that”.

But, i stumbled on something great! My technique with Camille rose naturals jai twisting butter, we’ve got a winner.

Now onto the steps:

1.start out on freshly washed hair. Deep condition and rinse.

2. Blot out the excess water with an old tshirt for about 2 minutes.

Tshirt blotted hair
3. Apply your leave in conditioner and oil sealant. Then cornrow your hair into big plaits to stretch it out. You can do jumbo twists too. This stretches your hair a little.


4. After an hour or two, take down the plaits (hair may be a little damp, that’s  okay) and part your hair in sections.

5. Detangle each section and apply a little of the twisting cream, then begin twisting. When you get to the end simply twirl the tip to seal the twist. ( you can add a little more twisting butter for moisture).



6. Allow twists to dry overnight or for a few days.

7. Put a little oil on your fingers and separate the twists


8. Fluff and pick at the roots for volume, beat face and go!!



How do you achieve your twist outs?



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