How to achieve a twist and curl

A great thing about natural hair is that there are tons of styles we can do. The secret to a new style may just be the addition of one extra step! 

 A twist and curl is a way to put more oomph and curl to your regular twist out. I  had finished twisting my hair with my camille rose naturals jai twisting butter (check out my bomb twist out routine post) and decided that i had extra time to try something new. 

All i did was to set each twist on a medium sized permrod. I did not add any more products or water.  

To follow the tapered shape of my hair, i used bigger perm rods in the front center of my hair and used small ones on my sides.

Tip: when twisting, try to leave about half an inch untwisted so the curl at the end takes the shape of the perm rod.

When the hair is totally dry, take out the perm rods and untwist each section. You can seperate each twist for volume and pick at the roots to cover up the partition lines.



  Have you tried this before? 



4 thoughts on “How to achieve a twist and curl

      1. Hello..i rally love all your tips.found them quite helpful pls how do I get the products mentioned there in.the twisting butter for example,and all the others?thank you.


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