Hair Game plan!

We all know the story: new year, new resolutions lead to new fails and new regrets. While setting yourself up for failure is not fun, its pretty good to have an idea where your energy should go during the year. In 2015, i was so excited about my hair that i did a lot of stuff to it, new hairdos , protective styles, hair colours and a lot of shape ups and cuts(6 times! Yeah! Like, a lot!). As a result i have a pretty decently shaped tapered twa with banging colour but i also have a lot of lost length and less healthy strands. 

In 2016 i want to channel my energy into growing my hair, maitaining its health and developing a steady regimen. These are some of my resolutions: 

  • Put down the scissors: My Hand in hair syndrome always gets me “feeling” how much shorter one part of my hair is compared to the other or my constant browsing through those beautiful naturals timelines has me wanting my hair to have 3 shapes from 3 different angles all at once ( i know its crazy). Next thing im positioning 2 mirrors and holding some scissors to try to get that look. Well! That perfect look does not exist! My plan is to limit the cutting to trims and (maybe) slight shape ups (so help me God!)
  • Stop overmanipulating the hair: i loveeeee doing new things to my hair and i often see myself switching up 3 hair styles per week. I can do that because ive got short hair but it still doesn’t make it healthy. Secondly, my protective styles never last more than 2 weeks because ‘i miss my hair’. Ive just got to accept that while i do miss it, my hair doesn’t miss me back and i have to leave it be once in a while. Lets hope that absence will make the hair grow longer.
  • Be consistent: I have to wash my hair and deep condition it at least every 2 weeks or else my hair feels greasy. But the consistency i need is to ensure that i time my protein treatments every two months, deep clean the hair and scalp every month and stick with one or more ayurvedic treatments in my wash day regimen such as an apple cider vinegar rinse, a clay mask or a tea rinse.
  • Protective style: The benefits if protective styling are numerous! I have to reiterate this point because It helps you keep your hair moisturized longer, retains length by preventing breakage, reduces manipulation of your hair and gives you variety ( braids, twists, weaves, wigs). Keeping these styles in for up to 3 weeks is when you get the most out of them. My note to self is please keep them in for that long because i get bored easily and take them down way too fast.
  • Document your journey: pictures speak a thousand words and seeing my progress encourages me. Ure not going to have a twa forever, neither is your awkward length here to stay. So motivate yourself and do length checks. I find that every three months i see a big difference (thats if i keep the scissors away)
  • Be creative: Try different styles! There are a lot of styles to try on your natural hair, twists, finger coils, braid outs, bantu knots wash and go’s. You can find how to demos and pictorials on natural hair websites, youtube and pinterest. Dont get stuck in a rut. A shapeup or safe hair colour can have you falling in love with your curls again.

These are my 2016 hair plans. How will you care for your hair this year?


    2 thoughts on “Hair Game plan!

    1. A lot of these are definitely a part of my own resolutions this year! Especially less manipulation and more protective styling! So far, the longest I can commit to twists are a week, when I know there is potential for longer.

      Also you are so right about taking pictures. The lack of them is something I regret at the start of my journey. That’s actually what influenced me to start my blog; it would give me the opportunity to document everything while hopefully being able to help/entertain others!

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      1. Protective styling for a long time is certainly an issue.
        I always take pictures but often forget what i did to achieve a look. I also figured a blog would help me document my journey and also help others! Thank you for posting!

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