Cherry lola treatment

The cherry lola treatment was invented by a blogger called … Well, cherry lola!  She  found that the treatment helped her hair get moisturised and also clumped her curls to the max. The ingredients for the treatment are youghurt, baking soda and liquid aminos.

Some of the individual benefits of these ingredients are:

Youghurt: Besides being yummy, gives a conditioning effect to the hair. It contains zinc and lactic acid which strengtens the hair, aids in blood circulation of the scalp which stimulates growth. It also helps gain and retain moisture in your hair. 

Tip: try out unsweetened organic youghurt in your deep conditioning sessions.

Baking soda:  this is an alkaline powder which can balance the PH level of your scalp. It also cleanses the hair and strips it from all that dirt and oil build up. Another significant effect it has on your hair is that it opens up your hair cuticles which allows moisture into the hair shaft. This is very beneficial to those with low porosity hair who find it hard to moisturize their hair.

Tip:  do not use baking soda frequently (every 2 weeks max) , as it can dry out the hair overtime.

Liquid aminos: This ingredient can be used to cook as it contains about 16 different amino acids. Therefore it serves as a protein treatment which strengthens the hair, promotes healthy follicles and repairs broken bonds in the hair strands.

Individually, these ingredients are awesome! Once i was able to get my hands on the liquid aminos ( which was not so readily available) i jumped to try the treatment out. 

Here are the steps:

Start off  with clean hair: i washed my hair using a sulphate free shampoo to remove all the build up.

Mix the ingredients:  put the youghurt into a bowl, add about 3 to 4 table spoons of the liquid aminos, then add 3 table spoons of baking soda. Mix well, the mixture should start to aerate and will swell up.

Apply the bubly mixture to your entire hair. It helps to seperate your hair into sections so that you can coat each strand. As you do so, comb through your hair with your fingers to clump the curls together and smoothen the strands.

  (I applied a little on my face and left it on for 15 minutes. The treatment exfoliated my skin and cleansed it) 
Leave on for about 30 minutes to allow it work and rinse it out gently. Try not to disturb your curls too much. 

Cowash the hair with any conditioner of your choosing and proceed to style your hair as usual. 

It is optional to steam your hair before styling it.

This is a before and after of my damp hair without any product in it, my hair is less frizzy and the curls are clumping together.

 This was a great time to try a wash and go. 


This is the next day! 

Overall, the cherry lola treatment is cheap and quite easy to do. The effects can be seen immediately! Its advisable to do this treatment not more than twice a month. 

Would you try it?




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