Wash Day!!

Following my new year game plan, i took down my protective style and i am now ready for wash day or… Er… days.

These are  my steps:

Preepoo or hot oil treatment:  apply coconut or palm kernel oil (or both) to dry dirty hair. This helps loosen up the buildup on the scalp, aids with detangling and provides the hair with a protective layer. Apply and leave on for one hour. Or apply it before bedtime, cover with a plastic cap and sleep own et!

Detangling: put some conditioner on the oil covered hair and use the slip to finger detangle your hair gently. Trust me, it makes all the difference! Once you get under the shower with all that, your knots and tangles will melt away! 

Shampooing: apply a sulphate free shampoo of choice , mainly to the scalp and cleanse the scalp thoroughly. As you rinse it out, the shampoo will run down your hair  strands and cleanse them too. Try not to wash your hair like a dirty pair of jeans, all that scrubbing and squeezing together is not necessary and will only lead to tangles!

Deep conditioning: Pop out your deep conditioner of choice or your DIY mixture and coat the entire hair on your head. Concentrate on your ends, they are prone to dryness and breakage so we need to prevent that. 

Cover with a plastic cap or a regular plastic bag and apply heat. 

Please, always use heat, i cant stress this enough!!! The gentle heat is what makes the deep conditioner work! So you can sit under a dryer or put your heating cap on, third option is to dampen a small towel and heat it up in the microwave then put over the plastic bad and wrap another towel over that to allow the hair steam thoroughly. Relax for 30 minutes ; read a book, scroll through instagram or meditate. It will do your hair and soul some good!

After rinsing it out

Moisturize: I moisturize and seal in three steps. Apply a leave in conditioner, this has properties which stick to the hair shaft and keep the hair soft.

Seal with an oil, i like to use grapeseed or olive oil to seal the moisture lightly and then i top it off with a butter mix. I currently use the oyin handmade whipped butter but a DIY shea butter mix will also do.

Let it fro or Style as desired. This routine is also very good for preparing your hair for a protective style.

When my hair is not protected, i do this every two weeks, inbetween , i cowash, deep condition and moisturize my fro!

How do you handle wash day?


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