Perm rod set

Hey! I hope January is going great for you,  now the holidays are really over and its back to reality! 

  I decided that i would try new styles this year, so to make it happen i decided to take a break from protective styling. Besides, my hair is in a good ppace now and i figured i should enjoy it, the awkward phase is nigh! Lol.

I watched a dozen tutorials on how to create a perm rod set and this is how i did mine.

Prep hair: wash, deep condition, detangle, moisturize and seal.

Stretch: i divided my hair into small sections and plaited them up. Tied a scarf and let them dry overnight. In the morning, my hair was 75% dry, stretched and moisturised.

Fix the perm rods:  from past experience i knew mybperm rods were not enough so i borrowed some from my friend (hey girl!!!). 

So i took a section, applied my camille tose naturals twisting butter and combed that section down wards to smoothe it down. Then i rolled it on the perm rods starting from my ends and up and around itself. Always make sure its smooth and you roll them up tight to avoid frizz.  
What i did was, use the smaller perm rods on the sides and back to help keep my tapered shape ( i used the yellow mostly) then going up i used the grey ones and at the top i used the lilac ones ( or are they purple? Coz they r definitely not pink). Oh and those finished so i had to find one to finish up the front.

To be honest, when i went half way, i thought, ‘no need to do the rest, i can leave it be and turn it into some kinda statement tommorrow’ but the only statement i was gonna make is that im lazy (and stupid for going out with crazy hair) so i had to keep going!

Leave them to dry: now, the drying time was something else! Remember my hair was already left to dry overnight, but bi guess putting the product wet it ablittle bit more so i left the rods in for about 8 hours but to the touch i didnt beleive they were dry. 

I used my hand dryer to try to speed the process but in the end, i decided to keep them in over night.

The next morning…..

I took the rods out gently then applied some oil to my fingers and seperated each section into four ( six for the bigger sections)

I picked the roots and here are the results…

I must say the process was not easy peasy but i looooove how it came out. I’ll probably do an update of how it holds up over the next few days. 


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