My Devacut Experience

The deva cut is an invention of a woman called Lorraine Massey. She is a curly haired hair stylist who founded the Devachan saloons and Deva curl line.

You know how every time you need your hair cut the stylist washes your hair, combs it out and cuts it wet? Well, for naturally curly or coily hair, it may not be the best idea.

Here’s why:

Natural hair has shrinkage, coils, curls and a spring factor plus, i know we do not walk around with wet hair. So the deva cut method is done on your naturally dry and unmanipulated (not combed, straitened or twisted) hair. The idea is to see how different parts of your hair shrink up and cut them accordingly. This way, whenever you style your hair and it dries up, its gonna have a beautiful shape to it.

(P. S. If you plan to wear your hair straight, the cut will cause different layers in your hair)

The back of my hair has a softer curl pattern, it hardly shrinks and therefore always looked longer than the rest of my hair.

My hair looked more like a helmet

When i cut the hair wet, it looked even and nicely shaped, as soon as i would wash and style my hair, it would go back to the helmet situation.

So i had the opportunity to visit the Oasis Salon which is a devachan approved hair salon and i also had the pleasure of having my hair cut by Wafaya, the owner of the place. Once i booked an appointment i was told to wash my hair, detangle it thoroughly and let it dry naturally without any product in it.


This is the funny shape i had. I constantly had to plait , or twist it or something! For it to look decent.

Wafaya took her time to study my hair, then she proceeded to cut it section by section (or rather, curl by curl). No combs, no dryers, no straighteners, she followed the shape i told her i wanted and Viola!


After the cut, i decided to become a red head and had a box colour applied to my hair (Up until this time my son was running around, pulling things down and being a little nightmare. Finally, he fell asleep, Pheeew!)

While i was getting the colour washed out, i was taught how to properly wash my hair and detangle it using some conditioner and my fingers ( i do not lie, there isnt a single comb in that place!). Then the stylist showed me how to do a wash and go using hair gel.

Here is the final look!


I am glad i got a devacut because i learned a lot.  The shape my hair takes when dry, means a lot to me and since then i have been tweaking the hair cut here and there because i understand what i am doing now ( Or so i think , lol) . I’ve decided to let my hair grow out, however, when it does gain some length, i will definitely visit again to change the shape up.

Would you trade the length of your hair for the right shape??




2 thoughts on “My Devacut Experience

  1. I love your cut! I’ve been thinking of having my hair cut and I’ve been wondering where to have it done properly.
    Is the salon based in Nigeria?


    1. Hi Hadassah! Thank you for checking out my blog.
      Unfortunately it is not in Nigeria. But i have seen a lot of DIY videos and with your long hair i bet you will be able to wing it.
      We are really in need of stylists that are trained to cut our hair!


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