Blow it out!

Many naturals spend their time, money and effort in taking good care of their hair. The shrinkage though, can blind us to how far we have a actually come. 

At this point why not get yourself a pick me up? Do a length check to see your growth progress. One option would be to straighten the hair out with a blow out and a flat iron, another is to stop at the blow out and see how luscious your mane is.

When i started my journey, i flat ironed my twa and although i liked the look, i kept running over my hair with a flat iron everyday (silly me!). This resulted in heat damage which i cut off immediately and set me back a few in inches. Since i am not  over my temporary phobia i decided to stick  with blow drying my hair.

The process was quite simple. I washed my hair as usual and applied a heat protectant leave in conditioner by  the Shea moisture jbco line, followed that up with grape seed oil and put my hair in plaits to stretch it out overnight.

The next day, i tookout each section,detangled  thoroughly, and blow dried it using a wide tooth comb. To get a sleeker result, you can follow through with a smaller comb but I didn’t. 

When the whole head was done i used an afro pick to fluff out the hair and i loved what i saw! 

Compare it with my freshly washed fro (and makeup free face) and you can see how much growth it showed!

I plan to check my growth this way every 3 to 4 months and will post updates. 

Let me know how you do your length checks! 


4 thoughts on “Blow it out!

  1. That’s a good idea. It’s hard for me to do length checks unless my hair is stretched but I haven’t had a blow dry in at least 5 years. I prefer just stretching with Curlformers or something like that.


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