Flat twist out hack

You should know by now that i love to play with my hair, protective styles are like hair limbo for me and i take them out as soon as i can justify it to myself (p.s. when i convince me, i can be really persuasive! Lol).

Flat twists are quite easy to do, especially when you have some length, but for me, its hard to part my hair and flat twist it without borrowing hair from every other side of the part. Now, i’ve got a temporary hack.

When i was preparing to get my weave fixed i had someone plait my hair in this  simple all back style.

Don’t mind my DIY face mask, i was attempting to pamper myself

Once i took my weave out, i washed, steamed and moisturized my hair while i still had the braids in ( i only wore the weave for 2 weeks so it wasn’t too dirty).

Then i loosened the braids two at a time, applied my styling cream and flat twisted it down.

To flat twist, you part your hair the direction you want it to lie, take a section at the top of the row, divide it in two and start twisting. Gradually pick sections as you go down and keep twisting. ( Just like doing corn rows but with two sections instead of three).

I remembered to take a pic only after i had started taking the flat twists out , sorry!


all loosened


Seperated and fluffed!!!

I loved how easy it was to do and wear!
As soon as i learn how to control my shorter hair in the back, i will do more flat twist outs!



2 thoughts on “Flat twist out hack

  1. Cool..I follow your blog but am lazy at commenting but today I have decided to show some love.lol,.Keep up the good work. I just started my journey (about 6-7 months ago) and I’m hoping that I’d survive especially with my busy schedule. A tip for those super busy people: If you don’t have the hours to spend grooming your natural hair, get someone who would normally make your hair to do your natural hair following your instructions. It has helped ease the burden and stress for me. 🙂

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    1. Hey Amina! Thank you for following and commenting. Congratulations on your natural hair journey. Great tip! I actually do have a lady who has been braiding my hair for the past 8 years. I have been instructing her on what to do and how to do it on my natural hair and i have had great results. For weaves, she braids up my hair before i go to the salon (less time to wait!). Plus she does bomb mini twists on my natural hair which i carry for a long time.
      I love playing with my hair and DIY ing a lot but like you said, when life gets in the way, get some trusty hands to do the job!


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