Super Quick Wash Day

Life is crazy, i know. My friends and i always joke about how we dont know how to ‘adult’because all these responsibilities of adult life can take a toll.

When i have so much to do, a 6 hour wash day is the last thing on my mind but since i would still like to have good hair on my head, i always look for quick fixes.

I have been washing (sometimes cowashing) and deep condtitoning my hair weekly. Mostly because i have no protective style in and i love the shape of my hair right now. So i want to wear it out all the time, to do that, i have to nurture it to avoid breakage.

So! I started off with an old finger coil set. It wasnt too dirty (its only been a week) but it was frizzy and needed some tlc.

  1. I applied a generous amount of coconut oil on the hair as a preepoo and de-tangler. Then i sectioned my hair off into 4 sections (leaving the short part i shaved 3 months ago free).     Then i detangled lightly and followed up with a deep conditioner.
  2. The deep conditioner of choice was a mix of honey, unsweetend youghurt and hair mayonnaise. I sat under my steamer for 30 minutes.   
  3. I rinsed it out and shampooed my hair. I focused the application of the shampoo to my scalp. The residue cleansed my hair while i rinsed it out.
  4. I applied some olive oil to my wet hair in the shower followed it with some conditioner which allowed me detangle my hair further  and rinsed it all out. Oil rinsing is a great way to retain moisture in the hair. It also adds slip to that last in-shower detangling.
  5. I applied my leave in and creamy butter    to seal the moisture and that was it!

It took me about an hour and a half, total and that is because i sat under a steamer for 30 mins. 

I loved the ease of my wash day and decided to share it with you! How do you care for your hair when life gets in the way?


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