Bantu knot nightmare

Bantu knots are basically finger coils wrapped tightly around themselves to create a circular knot. I have seen a lot of naturals who achieved luscious and beautiful curls with this technique and i couldnt wait to try them out. I was very excited when i found a natural hair salon close to my house whose stylist was supposed to be a pro at them so i booked and prepped my hair for the experience.

I preped my hair by doing a quick  deep condition, wash and seal session, detangled my hair thoroughly and was on my way.

The first red light went up when the stylist saw my hair and said that it would be better for me to loc it. Now i dont have anything against locs,i just feel that they are not for me, i like my hair free to switch up styles frequently. But his suggestion should have made me realise that by natural hair salon, they meant that they basically cater to locs and locked hair, but i just brushed it off.

So we began, i came with my uncle funkys daughter gel, my spray bottle and comb. I was horrifed when the stylist wanted to mix my gel with bees wax and i quickly declined.

 He started  twirling my hair and wrapping the knots but he applied two pumps of gel per tiny section which was waaaay too much. When i told him so, he said i have rubber hair ( insert confused smiley) and i needed a lot to have a hold…. I use the gel for tons of stuff and i never had to use more than a pump for 6 times the section with wonderful results but i kept my cool. 

I was quite surprised that he did not comb  any of the sections before twirling but i let him do his thing. Stupid me thought only learners like me need to comb everything, lol. After doing a quarter of my hair we realised that the knots were coming apart so he said he had a fix, he began threading each knot with nylon thread and i let him.

Once we were done he said i could airdry and take hem down the next day. Gave me the option of coming back or doing it myself so i paid him and went home.


this is how my tied up hair looked
I had a really unpleasant night because the thread was wound a tad too tight but i made it through. The next afternoon i was psyched to take my hair down to reveal beautiful curls, well… That didnt happen. 

First off, the thread wrapped around each thread was tied so tight that i could barely loosen the knot, I struggled and finally got my first knot out. It was not dried at all, all that gel just stayed there, solid. 

Secondly, the whole knot was frizzy and rough, there was no curl when i unravelled it. Third, as i tried to unravel it, a bunch of tangled knots appeard.


see how frizzy it was?
It was a nightmare, i was sooo upset. I realised that the knots would not hold because the hair was tangled and the ends were frayed. He should have combed the sections!!!

Knowing that my whole head would have been a disaster, and my money and precious gel would go to waste, i started taking each knot down, detangling with a little spritz of water and wraping it back up. It took me about two hours and a cramp in my neck and hands (prying that thread off) but somehow i did it.


I put it back to dry and when i took it out the next day…

Over the last few days, the hair became more like a wash and go because of the gel on it but i loved it!

 The salon visit was a terrible experience, buti learned that we should be careful where we go to get our hair done, because not all salons can back their claims, especially where i live. 

All i got from that place was just the sections he helped me create and a sound lesson  to keep my money and do it myself!

I still hope i find a better stylist but for now, im gonna stick to me! 


9 thoughts on “Bantu knot nightmare

  1. Oh dear! What an experience there. I have learnt a whole lot from your experience, Good thing my hands and hair are in love, lol! Will keep the love waxing stronger till am certain there’s a salon out there for me.

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  2. Hey! I appreciate you keeping it real about your salon experience. I’m struggling to find a stylist in my new city and recently had a bad haircut I didn’t want. So I know what you mean! I actually contacted my stylist from my hometown who took great care of my hair the past 6 years and have planned to travel back to her on weekends every 2-3 months, since it’s only a 4.5 hour drive, to get my hair back to the shape I loved so much. You are doing great with your curls in my opinion.

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      1. Yep. I just had to make this decision a couple of days ago. I’ve been searching for 6 months for a true natural hair stylist but I am not having good experience and the bad haircut kinda tipped me over the edge lol so I’m gonna try this for at least several months to get my hair back the way I want it before experimenting with anyone new again.

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  3. Lovely hair! I’ve had the same issue almost everywhere I go. Nobody ever seems to know what to do with my hair. I desperately need lots of tips from you. I’ll definitely visit when next I’m in Jos.

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