Reality vs expectations

So you big chopped! You feel free and happy or you have been natural for a while and putting in the work but when u look at your hair…..its just blahhh.
It happens to most of us, trust me. Social media has been a blessing and a curse. It can inspire you to see a long and healthy haired girl with your hair type but when you compare it with you, you are bound to feel discouraged or feel that the lady in the picture has “good hair” and you don’t. First of all

Give it time: Most of the ladies on social media with long beautiful hair have been natual for a while. check out a hair journey video. They didnt big chop and hair poofed out, they cared for their hair and it grew! One thing is certain, all hair grows, it does! What you have to do is retain that growth by consistently caring for your hair and it will show!

Stop comparing: Inspiration is great until you use it as a weapon against yourself. All hair is good hair, study yours, nurture it and love it the way it is!!!    If it was put on your head then it belongs to you, treat it nicely and be proud of what you have, you probably inspire someone too.

Fix it: When i big chopped, i hated the shape my hair took because i have a full face. Geting a tapered cut solved that for me pronto!! 

An awkward phase where the hair isnt a cute little fro but not long enough to put in a puff can be discouraging. Fix it by putting in your favourite protective style, and let it grow out!

If its dry and breaking, moisturize it, deep condition it. Sometimes what you need is a trim or a protein treatment to give your hair life. 

There is a solution to everything, just don’t think being you is the problem andyou will  be good.
Experiment: you will never know if you don’t try. Natural hair is versatile. Learn how to twist or bantu knot or finger coil, see what works for you. You may just love a wash and go or a puff.  Try it all, i fail a lot but hey, sometimes i do pretty well if i say so myself. 

Never say never:  do you see a beautiful twist out and say, “my hair would never do that”? Please dont! Ladies with thick 4c hair have used methods such as the maximum hydration method or treatments such as the cherry lola treatment to nourish their hair to the extent that they can do styles they never knew they could! 

Enjoy the journey: Every phase of natural hair has its difficulties and saving graces. Short hair is a breeze to detangle but can be less versatile for styling; longer hair can look gorgeous but takes a day to wash and detangle. I would say the grass is  green on both sides. So,  do you and enjoy what you have now. Chances are, when ure that beautiful girl with flowing hair on social media, u will look at one with an itty bitty fro and want to be her!

 I will leave you with this:




6 thoughts on “Reality vs expectations

  1. This is a very inspiring and good post..I basically says everything I’ve been telling new naturals…I hope to reblog this on my blog if you don’t mind.👏🏾☺️
    Great post

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  2. Well… Really encouraging to me. With alm the hype to go natural and i just felt so lost or wrong especially with 4c hair and no stylist in this new town to help out

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