Rollerset success plus growth progress

I realise now that i always loved curls, back when i was relaxed i would sit under the dryer in with rollers in my hair for over an hour almost every week. Unfortunately the curls would look bouncy for a day or two and then go limp. 

In a bid to switch up my look once in a while i took to youtube to see if i can set my natural hair and i found awesome videos. I figured that one thing ladies in salons here should know how to do so i went to a couple who said “they dont set natural hair” !!???!  Its a normal set back, down here some people think if ur hair is natural it means u have to wear it in a fro just cause thats how ‘natural hair is’….(have they seen @4chairchicks page on instagram ?  Or our very own @igbocurls and @napillynigetiangirl *side eye ) anywayy, i was glad i found one salon who decided they would give it a try in october 2015 (on my birthday) 😊

I loved the results very much which is why i decided to give it another go.

In preparation, i washed and deep conditioned my hair, detangled thoroughly and went to the salon. It is advisable to do so coz if you leave detangling to those not accustomed to natural hair, you are sure to have a lot of breakage. 

I applied the shea moisture jbco leave in which has heat protection properties and sealed with coconut oil. To set, we used the lottabody setting lotion for natural hair although i think the regular one they use in most salons will also do. I sat uder the dryer for an hour but it wasnt too bad, instagram kept me company. The results:  

Love itt! 

Comparing the rollerset from 5months ago and now is really inspiring, Growth progress 🎉🎉🎉

(Will share a little secret that worked in my next post so please subscribe and follow).

The next day i used a little oil to seperate each section of hair and used a pick to lift the roots.

This is a nice way to swich up your look without risking heat damage with a flat iron. When the style gives up, im wondering what i can do with my stretched hair, any suggestions?

**update: i did some kinky twists! The details will be up soon. Please follow and subscribe for alerts! 


6 thoughts on “Rollerset success plus growth progress

  1. Lovely curls.
    As for our salons, Sai Allah… lol A lot of hairdressers feel this need to encourage you to “retouch” your hair and oh how long it will be… I know there are a few natural hair salons in Abuja and Lagos, I don’t know when and if Jos will catch up.
    And oh… Naturalistas in Jos should plan a Natural hair meet up at Christmas time. (Im just being selfish. I’m going to be home around that time.)

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