The Inversion method

Remember the little Secret i promised to share in my former post? This is it! 

I came across the inversion method while trolling websites and youtube, my first reaction was ‘these ladies are kidding, right?’ Well… They are not. The inversion method has promised growth of up to an inch within one week by doing a daily ritual for the full 7days (google some results, ahmazing!).

Dont worry, no dancing naked and singing ancient african songs under the monlight, lol, i promise. 

The method involves the daily application of a warm oil on the scalp followed by a stimulating massage for about 2-3 minutes and then the inversion of your head or upper body to allow the blood rush to your scalp for 4 minutes and thats it. The logic behind it is that the oil and massage invigorate the scalp while the rush of blood would provide more oxygen and nutrients to your hair follicles thereby making them work a little extra. Doing this for a short period of time prevents the body from adjusting to the process so each time you do it with monthly intervals, it still works. 

It sounded easy so i took some before pics and braided my hair straight back (to wear with wigs) and began the process.  

Thats how i inverted my head, at the edge of the couch


My oil of choice was the Jamaican castor oil which naturally helps in boosting growth and to massage my scalp i opted for the vitalgoods hair massager instead of my finger tips. I was able to follow the regimen for 6 days out of 7 and i am ashamed to say that i did not heat the oil up even once! I know, bad guinea pig. 

Once the week was up, i took the braids out and was surprised to see the results.


The bottom is the before and the top is after.

Ok thats definitely not an inch of growth, im not blind but considering that these pics were taken just 7 days apart, i see some improvement! I think the growth was more like 1 centimeter rather than an inch which is still growth, heeeey!

What i think i did wrong: first, i mentioned that i didnt heat up the oil, not even once, this may have influenced the ‘meh’ results.

Secondly, i didnt wait longer to take the after pics. I read that JBCO generally takes two weeks to start showing effects so next time i will try to wait an extra week before taking down the braids.

Yes, there will be a next time because i loved massaging my hair daily and lying down at the edge of the couch with my eyes closed, it was not as uncomfortable as i though, it was rather calming.

Warning though, it is recommended to do this only one week a month, anything over than that would not produce better results because our bodies would have adjusted to it. More importantly, this should not be done if you :

Suffer from migraines, dizzyness, are pregnant, on your period, are ill or have high blood pressure. Such changes in blood flow may exacerbate the problems so pls beware! 

My next try will be next month when i get some new wigs šŸŽŠšŸŽ‰šŸ’šŸ½ . I will also announce when im starting so that you can join me, lets see what results we get. 

Any takers? 


11 thoughts on “The Inversion method

  1. Sannu!
    I’ve read so much about the Inversion Method and I’m seeing positive results, yours included.
    However, the thought of having my head in some uncomfortable position gives me a headache already.
    I’ll just be here chanting and cheering you girls on. I’m just so scared of headaches.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. yayyy! i’m in. i think it’s bn two weeks since i first tried d inversion method. worked for me too. it grew more than half an inch in one week! i measured d lenght on a shirt.

    Liked by 1 person

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