Finger coils with TGIN Twist and Define Cream

I am quite a product junkie and i find myself stocking products which would take me a year to go through. My wallet isnt happy but i tell myself that the stash will save me some day (it usually does).

I purchased the TGIN (Thank God Its Natural). Twist and define cream last year and now that my camille rose jai twisting butter is finished 😭, i figured i would give this a try.

The product is “for smooth and shiny twistouts with long lasting curl definition…” It contains water, coconut oil, soya bean oil, and a bunch of things i really cant pronounce lol! Most Importantly, it contains no sulphates, parabens, petrolatum and lanolin, its all natural! The directions suggest you use their shampoo, conditioner and leave in before applying this product on damp hair. It also states that once twists are dry, the TGIN butter cream daily moisturizer should be applied to moisturise the twists before or during take down.

A week before now, i had a protective style put in and it was soooo cute 

 During installation.  

But after just one week, my hair became frizzy and unsightly, i reapplied gel and mouse but the situation could not be helped. So at 10pm i decided to take each twist out and finger coil that section with the twist defining cream. 2 hours later with red eyes and a cramped arm, i was done.

I tied the hair with a silk scarf and went to bed. The next morning the coils were dry and really defined but my hair felt sooooo dry! I honestly felt like dousing my hair with water and just washing everything off. But as usual, i took to google and checked out reviews.

Turns out, other ladies had dry hair when using this product alone as well, they observed that the directions which recommend that the styler should be followed with their moisturizing butter is no joke. Most of them went right ahead and purchased the butter but i couldnt, so i ran to my stash and brought out my trusted shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie (see how stashing works?). 

I used a little amount of the smoothie to lightly coat each coil, tied it up and went to bed. The results? Soft, shiny, defined and moisturised finger coils. I didnt even seperate them as i usually do and opted to wear them that way for a few days.

Im glad there were no flakes or residue, was keeping my fingers crossed for that.

I wore it for a few days, then seperated each one into 3 or 4 (depending on the size) and viola!

 All in all i like the TGIN twist and define butter, pairing it with the curl enhancing smoothie gives it the same effect of using gel + smoothie. 

One thing is i will not purchase this again unless i have all other accompanying peroducts, and since i have a stash to go through that will be until further notice. 

Using so many products on one style made me miss my jai twisting butter (trust, i have one in my almighty stash) which gives definition,softness and moisture all in one. I will be sure to review it soon.


2 thoughts on “Finger coils with TGIN Twist and Define Cream

    1. Hi!! My go to tips would be to do it on wet hair if it doesnt turn out well on dry hair and also detangle each section properly and distribute the curling product all over before twirling. A stronger hold product like eco styler gel should work better

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