Inversion method challenge

Its time for another round of the inversion method!

I washed, deep conditioned and moisturized my hair as usual and had it braided up going all back.

I make sure my edges aren’t all braided up to prevent breakage and also to be able to bring out the baby hairs in front of my wig if need be.

I mixed equal amounts of Jamaican black castor oil with hemp seed oil and put it in an applicator bottle to help me concentrate the application to my scalp in between the corn rows.

This time i will be sure to warm up the oil by placing the applicator bottle in some hot water for a few minutes. Then i will apply it to my scalp, massage and invert my head for 4 minutes. I will repeat this every night for seven days and give a few extra days to let the hair rest. For full details on the method, check out my earlier post here .

To track my progress, i took some before pictures which i will compare with the new growth i will (hopefully) have when i take the cornrows down in about 10 to 14 days.

I will be starting this tomorrow the 11th of April 2016. Please join me if you can and i will post progress pictures on my instagram page @curlytashj (make sure to tag me!).

See yah!

Note: your hair doesn’t have to be cornrowed. You can have it in twists, braids or free, whatever helps you access your scalp easily. I cornrow mine to lay my hair flat under my wig.


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