Inversion method challenge results

Hello again! It has been two weeks since i started the inversion method challenge and its time to see the results!!!! 

Now, i did the scalp massage and inversion for 6 nights, not 7 ( sowiee) and then i washed and styled my hair as usual.

I was reluctant to measure today because my friend twisted up my hair sooo well! I wore rhe twists for about 4 days and unravelled them yesterday and i have the best defined twist out ever. I was worried i would lose the definition but i didnt! Thank God for that. 

On to the results

My hair definitely grew. More in the sides than crown. I would still measure this to be about 1 – 1.5 cm in different areas. 

I must say,  i was thinking my hair didnt grow at all and the method was a fluke the first time but its not! It does work. I believe a person’s natural growth rate plays a role in this nevertheless, you do get more growth with the inversion method than without and i will do this again!!! 

Let me know what results you have seen! 

P.s when the twist out expires i will share how it was done and what i did to stretch it. 


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