All natural prep for protective style

Hello naturalistas! 

After rocking my wash and gos and twist outs, i decided to give my hair a much needed break. I usually do so when i forsee a busy schedule or when i get tired of doimg my hair every weekend and praying it looks ok on monday.

When prepping my hair, i always ensure i thorougly cleanse, deep condition and moisturise my hair. It provides a clean and healthy slate for the style of choice. 

Instead of using shampoo i decided to use my aztec healing clay mask ( or bentonite clay) to cleanse my hair and scalp. But before that i lightly preepoed and finger detangled my hair with coconut oil.

Preepoo: i applied my cold pressed 100% coconut oil (which i got from my friend, Hey Tess!!) and sectioned my hair into four. I massaged a lot of it in, finger detangled and massaged my scalp in this step. Coconut oil makes the hair very slippery and helps hair detangle in a jiff. I left it on for about 30 mins and went to the next step.

Cleanse: i got a plastic container and put the clay powder in it. Added some apple cider vinegar and mixed it into a thick paste. To make it easier for application, i added some water as well to get a slightly runny consistency. I applied it on the coconut oil covered hair and made sure to coat all the strands of the hair, i applied it to the scalp as well. 

A clay mask does a great job of absorbing toxins from the hair and scalp. It also provides some slip and curl definition. It is advisable to leave it in the hair for 45mins. ( its also great as a face mask. Apply it 15 mins before washing off and feel how refreshed and cleansed the skin gets).

Deep condition: while waiting for the clay to do its thing, i took some ripe avocados (two) and blended them with some  honey and olive oil. Making sure to blend until smooth to prevent any particles from sticking to the hair later.After rinsing out the clay, i applied my cheapie DIY deep conditioner, covered with a plastic cap and used my steamer to deep condition with heat for 30 mins (which aids absorbtion).

Rinse: since i was being all “au naturel”, i rinsed off the deep conditioner and poured some cold aloe vera juice all over the hair and scalp as a final rinse. Then i used a tshirt to blot out the excess. ( notice how i didnt use a comb?)

Moisturize and seal: to retain all that juicy goodness in my strands, i applied the we naturals leave in, followed by the curl enhancing smoothie and lastly shea butter. At that point i used a wide tooth comb to gently detangle the hair in small sections and braided each sectiom right up.

It is important to braid/ twist the hair up to prevent it from tangling again. Its also a life saver when you go to the stylist and she/he doesnt have to rip all your hair out  on the name of combing. 

The next day i went to the salon to get goddess locs

I think the stylist nailed it. If i had the time (or the patience) i would have made them smaller but i love the results.

I used snapchat @curlytashj to document the steps i took to prep my hair, check it out: 


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