Low manipulation style: Mini Twists

Following my protective style disaster, i focused on keeping my hair free and moisturised by wearing wash and gos. The hair felt much better when there was no  tension on the scalp and i had easy access to wash and deep condition my hair weekly.

I needed to switch it up and have some rest from waking up and not knowing if it was going to be a good hair day or not, so figured i should try mini twists again.


Mini twists can be done on all textures of hair and they especially last very long on kinkier textures, a lady i know instals and wears them for two months! The great thing about that is she can successfully wash and deep condition them as often as she pleases, this is how she grows out her hair. 

Other advantages of the style are:

  • Hair manipulation is reduced, the less you brush and style the hair the less it breaks.
  • It does not cause any tensionon the scalp or hair 
  • It gives easy access to the scalp and hair for moisturization or scalp massages which aids hair growth
  • It prevents breakage if your edges (no one wants snatched edges!)
  • It looks great and can be styled appropriately  for the workplace
  • It doesnt cost much


As usual, my hair was washed, deep conditioned and slathered with leave in and shea butter. I had to get my trusted hairdresser to style these twists for me and in two hours, she was done! 

Once we were done, we applied the bee mine hair spritz ( this can be replaced with a spritz of water mixed with olive oil) and then sealed with the bee mine, bee hold curling butter to give the twists some hold. I added the Jane carters twist out foam for good measure (any hair mouse will do). 

Ecostyler gel, shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie or the cantu coconut curling butter can be used to give the twists a great hold which will reduce the frizz.

While the curls were still damp i ensured they lay in the right direction by tying them flat with a silk scarf, if your hair is longer, a ponytail will do the trick (just dont make it too tight, to avoid dents in the twists). Then viola! 


I maintain the twists by sleeping in a satin hair bonnet and spritz the hair lightly in the mornings to wake the twists up! 

I would love to be able to wash the twists but my looser hair texture may not withstand all that. This is where i get jealous of you 4c hair ladies! I may try washing it and if i do, be sure to get an update.

Thak you for your feedback on my earlier posts an be sure to tag @thebeautyshopbytash on instagram to share your mini twist style. 

May our hair stay moisturised and healthy!!!!


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