Hair inspiration: Meet Kehinde Adeyemi 

I was scrolling through my instagram feed and then i saw this:

Best believe i had to get my troll on and stalk her instagram account.

Kehinde returned to her natural hair texture in 2012 because she was over the relaxed look and feel. Over the years she discovered that everyone’s hair is different you have to study what works and keep in mind that what works for one may not work for the other.

Keeping her hair chemically coloured has not been an issue for her but wearing her natural hair for her wedding caused quite the uproar!! Lol (she slayed it though).

She found the products which work for her and she sticks to them. Plus its obvious she loves her hair and it loves her back.

Texture does not dictate manageability or beauty!

 She inspires us to keep finding ways to nurture and style our hair. 

Are you drooling? Drool on and check her page out on instagram @kehindeadeyemii

P.S. Photos and content were used with permission from Kehinde Adeyemi.


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