Lumo naturals salon visit

Hello lovelies!

Its been a minute, i know, because… Life! 

Im back and i have a review! First of all if i review a salon its mostly because i found my experience delightful, otherwise i just rant about it!

Lumo naturals started out a couple of years ago and has grown to be quite the destination for naturals. I would have visited sooner but I remember looking for  a place to do finger coils and when i called the contact number, the person on the other end seemed not to know what that was! I politely hung up and decided it was one of those placed that cared for locs and little much else (i probably spoke to a newbie in the salon).

Now! Im glad i finally came.

Those sharp ladies spotted me while i was entering the plaza and literally opened the door just as i climbed the stairs (my untamed afro gave me away!). They were friendly and polite too.

I was shown to a seat and asked what i wanted done and i chose to deep condition my hair and style it. 

First my hair was spritzed with water and finger detangled gently! I was happy that the stylist told me my hair was full and healthy (yaay me!)

I got my hair deep conditioned and braided into a faux hawk 

I love , love how knowledgeable my stylist was. No combs were used ( except a comb to part my hair). I got an awesome scalp massage when the deep conditioner was applied and the stylist braided my hair gently!

 I must admit After washing my hair myself for the past two years it was a delight to be pampered again. 

The style was later braided up into an updo 

Lumo naturals also has a hair care line which is naturally made! The deep conditioner and leave in made my hair feel awesome so  I purchased a herbal rinse and will post a review of it soon. In other news, visiting lumo is the start of awesome things in the near future! 

I must say i love how the style held up. I wore it for a week and then started playing around with it



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