Mini chop four!

People who know me can tell you how i love to experiment with my hair. Cutting this, touching that…. Its a thing!

So this was my situation last July when i went to get a deva cut done

I liked it for a while but had to “shape it up” again.

And by october i saw myself doing this 

At this stage i made a commitment to stop cutting my hair and let it grow.

I stuck to it and pretty much rocked it coz my hair was growing, slowly but steadily.

i can puff it out, that’s an achievement for the awkward stage naturalistas. 

But then i saw this very funny shape my hair was turning into

The bottom was growing out faster and i was getting a helmet head!!

Knowing i cant get a deva cut in naija ….yet! I decided to stay up till 5 am and DIY.

I honestly had no idea how it would go.

What i did was wash and go, i let it dry up so the true shape would show

Then i started cutting it curl by curl. Watching mini marley on youtube made me realise that hair drops due to weight and if you want the top to bounce you have to take the length off the bottom.

So snick snick snick , curl by curl i went.

I didnt cut that much, compared  with a bobby pin.

But oh the difference it made

Top is a dry hair comparison and the bottom is wet hair comparison.

I got some shape!!! Im so proud of me! 

I made sure i did not touch the outer perimeter of my curls, this way, i can still puff my hair out! 

Now i dont know if i wont regret this hair cut later but it looks pretty great right now and i kept my promise shy of one month, so, do we go another round of one year without a chop? ( trims are allowed btw).

I am one for enjoying every step of my hair journey and health + shape are more important to me than length.

What is important to you as a natural??


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