The Search for the perfect curl Part 1 : protein overload 

When we go natural, the first craze we have is curl pattern! ” Can i do a wash and go, can my frizz be tamed? , what can i do to have my hair look exactly like that other girl’s own?”

So we copy their products and regimens and our hair always falls short. 

Its funny that the first year i went natural, i kinda knew what worked for my hair. I had a few failed attempts at styles but with time i got better. What also happened with time is i got access to a whole lotta products. So im trying this, trying that and one major mistake i made was using this

The product is traditionally designed for use when straightening natural hair (flat iron, blow out) but it also promises less frizz and more curl definition for naturals that do not wish to straighten their hair.

I had this sitting in my product junkie stash and i decided to give it a try. I didn’t have any need to straighten my hair so i figured i would try to smooth the frizz i got here and there with my wash and gos. Instead of leaving the straightening treatment for 30 mins as directed, i just applied it and as soon as i was done with covering my entire hair i rinsed it out.

Now my hair reacted immediately! I didnt see any smoothening action, just more frizz and dryness. I had no idea that this was as a result of the hydrolyzed keratin and orher proteins which the product contains. Hydrolyzed keratin has a similar effect of strengthening and infusing protein into the hair. It makes sense for the product to have this because prior to  straightening hair it is important to do a protein treatment which strengthens the hair and prevents it from being “fried” by the heat tools. 

The issue was that my hair has low porosity ( porosity will be explained in the next post so watch out! ), which means it doesn’t need that much protein. I found that an aphogee two step treatment once every 3 months is enough for me. Coupled with henna treatments, my hair was as strong as it could be! The  shea moisture treatment was just overkill.

 When hair feels hard and dry, the next logical step is to deep condition to put moisture back in the hair. So i deep conditioned with what i thought was a moisture hair mask. I had no idea that the mask i used had more strengthening than moisturising products in it and so itdidn’t  work! When it came to styling, guess what my leave in conditioner had… yes! More protein. So did my ecostyler gel!!! 

My hair kept being dry and unruly! I had no idea what went wrong except the fact that after the shea moisture treatment, my hair didnt feel right. 

So i checked the ingredients 

The circled ingredients are all the different types of proteins that products contain. And these are just the products in the treatment and conditioner i used afterwards! It’s alarming! Worst thing is all my other products had some of these proteins as well! ( Asin my hair shudav just turned into steak coz this  was just way too much protein).

Sharply, i read the ingredients in the rest of my stash and luckily i was able to find pure moisture infusing products. After one use i saw less dryness, however i know it will take a while to get over the protein overload in my hair and balance it with moisture.

Now it’s important to note that the product in itself is not bad for hair. It is the fact that my hair does not need much protein and also the contributing factor of all the proteins i was unknowingly putting in my hair. If you have high or normal porosity hair, the treatment would have infact, done what it says it does without any problems. 

This is why understanding your hair and its porosity is very important. 

Watch this space for hair porosity 101 and how to care for your type of hair as well as   Products suitable for the different hair types and needs!

Have you had protein overload before?


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