Cleansing your protective style! 

The dry season is here! At least in my part of the world. The air is dry, lips are cracking, skin is ashy and hair is crispy… no surprise there.

When the climate is very harsh one of the first things that suffer is our hair especially if we do not pay that much attention to it #lazynaturalscrew 

Protective styling is always a very good idea at this time becasue the hair stays in clumps and loses moisture way less than if the strands were exposed to the elements. However, protective styles have to be moisturized extremely well. 

Daily, I recommend a spritz of a mix of water, leave in and an oil. Simple, easy peasy. 

But all that leave in and all that oil will eventually lead to build up which will clog your hair follicles (stop/slowdown hairgrowth), prevent moisture from actually reaching your strands and contribute to excessive shedding. No bueno!

You have to cleanse your scalp. I have used shampoo in the past but its a pain to rinse it all out so i use Apple Cider Vinegar!!

Just mix 1 part apple cider vinegar with two parts warm water. Dunk your hair in it or gradually pour over your scalp. Let it sit for 30 minutes and rinse it out with warm water as well.

To re moisturise, mix leave in conditioner with an oil of choice and pour over the hair, sqeeze the product in as much as you can then towel up to absorb dripping water and then let dry. The weather will help speed the process up.

Your scalp will feel extremely clean, build up free and moisturised after this quick wash day! 

Remember to never overlook the health of your hair for aesthetics!!! 


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