Habits of naturals with long and healthy hair

Naptural 85

There are many naturals we see on youtube and other social media channels who have long, thick and luxurious hair. We love to envy them, well… i sometimes do. However, i found that there are certain things they have in common which undoubtedly contribute to their hair accolades. I decided to summarize them, who knows, it worked for them, might work for us too!!

West african baby

They drink water 💦 

We all know that fueling our bodies with the right stuff will provide many benefits for our health, skin, nails and hair. One universal thing is hydrating your body, drink water! Some people set strict water intake goals and use fruits and water sweeteners to stick to them. While we may not see how this directly impacts our hair, fact is a healthy you is the best place to start in a healthy hair journey!


They wash their hair regularly

Besides hydrating the inside, these naturalistas ensure that their hair is washed/cowashed/rinsed not only weekly but sometimes twice or three times a week. Yes! They find a way to ensure that their scalp and hair has the chance to get refreshed, clean and hydrated! Water again, is the source of moisture, not oils or creams! 

Chime Edwards (Hair crush)

They have a regimen

Besides washing often, these ladies create a regimen which is a daily, weekly, monthly plan of how they care for their hair and they stick to it! This way their hair gets re moisturised, detangled and nourished before it starts to matt up and get dry. And this is the goal, dont wait until your hair is screaming out, take care to ensure it never gets to that stage.

Efik zara

They deep condition

Deep conditioning is a must. Many naturals with long hair insist on deep conditioning their hair weekly. It doesn’t have to be everytime you shampoo, it can be done after a cowash Or a hair rinse.

Abena palmore

They stay away from heat

They put the flat iron and blow dryer away. Using heat tools excessively causes the hair to dry out and get brittle. High temperatures also cause damage to the hair structure which makes the hair look a mess and break off easily.

Napilly Nigerian Girl

They stick to healthy practices

I have noticed that naturals with long african hair do not play much with chemical colour, straightening treatments and excessive protective styling. They stick to being natural.

Colour is very tempting but honestly its not worth it if you are not prepared to care for your hair diligently. A lot of people have had damage from colour despite being careful! Everyone’s hair has different capacities! Excessive protectibe styling can also be counterintuitive when the style does not allow you to care for your scalp and hair underneath or is installed too tight leading to breakage. 

Conclusively, they learn that their hair has its limitations and preferences and learn what those are. I know its tempting to throw your hair into some braids or a weave and forget about it. But guess what, if you dont know what works for you before you instal they style, hiding it away for a month isnt going to help. Try to learn your hair and once youve got that on lockdown, watch it flourish!!! And remember, its health over length.


You can find all these beauties with their quoted instagram names or on youtube! 

P.p.s (insert your pic here) hair goals in progress!!


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