DIY charcoal face mask and a twist out

So i was sitting at home and feeling miserable because im sick and i couldn’t help  but notice my terrible skin! 

I decided to do a little do it yourself face mask.

What you need:

Activated charcoal tablets/ capsules

Bentonite clay and


How to:

Crush the tablets or open up the capsules to release the charcoal powder ( i used two tablets)

Add some bentonite clay powder

Mix to a paste -ey consistency with some water and apply to  cleansed face.

Scary huh?

Let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes (until the face feels tight) and rinse off! 


For my twist out, i shampooed with shea moisture jbco shampoo, deep conditioned with eden bodyworks jojoba mask (which i finished) and applied my lota body curl and style cream

My mix and match products

I braided my hair in four sections and let it dry just because i was tayadddd🤕 (translation:tired). The next day i twisted my hair with some cantu coconut curling cream and sealed with some olive oil. 


I let it dry Overnight. 

This way, i washed and deep conditioned the day before yesterday, twisted yesterday and had enough energy to do the mask and style today. 

I seperated the twists, without further seperating them to keep the definition and pinned one side back.

My skin is far from perfect but on its way to recovery as am i! Who says you have to look the crappy way you feel? 

Later naturalistas!


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