A trim and a length check

I have been going on and off a haircare challenge organised by @mahoganycurls on facebook. She has a lovely routine set up with length checks and since it began in November 2016, we are doing a length check this month ( February,2017) to see what improvements we have had over the last three months. 

My last hair cut was in October and i noticed that my hair tangled more and was a bit difficult to comb through i decided to “dust” my ends. Dusting is just a light trim. Where a solid trim can set you back from half an inch to one inch, a dusting is just cutting off about a quarter of an inch of your ends. This doesn’t set you back in length but certainly refreshes those dead ends and helps reduce those pesky single strand knots.

I stretched my cowashed hair and divided it in smaller sections, then working section by section, i trimmed the ends of my hair 

One section before the cut

After the cut

The teeny weeny cut off ends

Total damage

Not too scary right?

Now on to my length check

The front is chin length, back is at the collarbone and the sides are hanging around the neck. 

The comparison between now and December 2016 is very encouraging 

Top today, bottom December
Little length retention overtime leads to long hair, trimming makes it healthy! 

I tried to see if i can go six months between trims but nah, four months in between should do. How often do you trim?


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