I’m back!

Hi naturalistas!It has been a while and as some of you may know, it has been for a reason. I decided to try something new and started a youtube channel!!!I realize that words and pictures are not always enough, so show you i will. I know there are millions of videos about hair care and … More I’m back!

DIY flaxseed gel

Who would have thought that hair products we  whip up in the kitchen are much better than store bought ones? Not me. I heard about flaxseed gel but didn’t think about making it until my all time favourite youtuber -whitney white (Naptural 85) updated her how to, and i am in love.  What you need … More DIY flaxseed gel

The Inversion method

Remember the little Secret i promised to share in my former post? This is it!  I came across the inversion method while trolling websites and youtube, my first reaction was ‘these ladies are kidding, right?’ Well… They are not. The inversion method has promised growth of up to an inch within one week by doing a … More The Inversion method

Bantu knot nightmare

Bantu knots are basically finger coils wrapped tightly around themselves to create a circular knot. I have seen a lot of naturals who achieved luscious and beautiful curls with this technique and i couldnt wait to try them out. I was very excited when i found a natural hair salon close to my house whose … More Bantu knot nightmare

Cherry lola treatment

The cherry lola treatment was invented by a blogger called … Well, cherry lola!  She  found that the treatment helped her hair get moisturised and also clumped her curls to the max. The ingredients for the treatment are youghurt, baking soda and liquid aminos. Some of the individual benefits of these ingredients are: Youghurt: Besides … More Cherry lola treatment